Best Cover Letter Examples Format For 2020

Getting a job is not a luxury everyone can afford in these hard economic times of 2020. Hence amplifying the importance of treating every employment opportunity with utmost seriousness. One of the ways you can do this is by writing a cover letter, which will make you stand out of the million others also applying for the same position.

So are you in search of a job? Or has your old cover letter not landed you any deals, and you want to rewrite it? Are you trying to get into a prestigious school and need a banging cover letter? Or maybe you are just looking to broaden your grammar, whatever the situation, this article is what you need.

Stick around as below I have outlined several of the best cover letter templates that you can use. Apart from saving you a lot of time and stress, using an already predesigned template guarantees you will be in line with preferred formats.

Also, Most of them have a professional feel and design. This will catch the attention of the employer. Remember, first impressions matter.

Essential tips and tricks to create an outstanding cover letter

Statistics show that about 60% of job recruiters do not bother reading the cover letter. Most just dive into the curriculum Vitae (CV) as it bears more of the vital information.

However, this should not misguide you from writing a substandard cover letter as it might be the tipping point between you and the competition in getting the job. So here are a few tips;

1) Write a unique cover letter for every new job opportunity

Don’t be those people who design one cover letter and use it for every situation. Personalize each cover letter to the current opportunity. It’s crucial to note recruiters have read a couple of letters by the time they get to yours, and they can, therefore, spot effort.

The trick is in the details of the particular responsibilities outlined in the job description.

2) Outline how the job will benefit from hiring you

In every job advert, the job requirements are usually listed. So in your letter, list how you are going to fill the positions. Try listing them down with bullet points to catch the eye of the job recruiter.

If you still have space, mention why you are excited about the position. And if any, how you intend to solve a problem, the employer is facing.

3) Come up with a catchy introduction.

Since many recruiters will hardly get past the first paragraph of your cover letter, try to make the first sentence a hooker. If you capture the attention of the recruiter before they lose interest, then you are already in the lead to get your job.

Here is an example of a catchy introduction sentence; �Since after Harvard University, I have ten years’ experience in the agricultural field.’

4) Keep it brief

The shorter the cover letter, the better. Nobody is trying to sit through long unending paragraphs, yet the resume awaits them. Try not to include information that can be found in the CV.

Sample examples of the best cover letter templates in 2020

Assuming you have been let on the secret to use professional cover letter templates as opposed to starting yours from scratch. You will be shocked to find out there are millions of models available for you; some come for free while the rest are relatively cheap.

I have taken the liberty to sample only the ones that have useful pointers that you can adapt to. Since cover letters are helpful for more than just applying for a job, below is a list of the various instances where a cover letter is needed, followed by its cover letter template in its preferred format.

I. A graduate

Applying for a job as a graduate is usually an uphill task as employers will prioritize people with experience. So if you have just completed your education and are looking for a job, you need to put a lot more effort into the content and design of your cover letter.

Before you get down to writing the body, list down any vital information that has contributed to the growth of you in the field you are in. For example, did you participate in clubs and volunteer programs? Were you assigned a leader at any point in your time in university? What are your strengths? What fuels your drive to succeed in a particular field?

After listing them down, you will have a mental picture of what you need to write, thus reducing the possibility of you going off-topic and neglecting the essential facts. Take a look at this sample template for a person in a similar situation.’, 55733-00200, Nairobi, central business district, Moi avenue

30th Jan 2020

Doreen Enoch

HR Director

Consolidated insurance Company



Dear Ms. Doreen:

Following your online advertisement on the, I am convinced that my qualifications align well with your job description needs. This is for this reason that I am writing to express my interest in the quality assurance position being offered.

I recently acquired my undergraduate degree in business management and quality survey from the(insert school) in November last year. From then on, I have been working as an intern for a food processing company where I have acquired bits of experience in running a food industry.

While in school, my love for product development earned me the position of student product development advisor for the campus owned; trufoods company. While working there, I was responsible for representing ideas from my fellow students and also tasking individuals with the building of prototypes of successful designs.

You should therefore take me into consideration. As aside from the above I also possess;

• An ability to influence and motivate people towards a specific goal

• A success rate of almost 98% in the execution of the projects that were assigned to my team and me.

• An undeniable ability to think outside the box and come up with solutions under pressure.

• A solid training in the importance of hygiene and attention to detail when it comes to food handling, especially in manufacturing.

I believe my experience is much needed in your company as my research has shown the quality of your products is continuously under scrutiny. Give me a chance to change the direction of your profits to the desired direction, and you won’t regret it. Looking forward to hearing from you and explaining in-depth my expertise on the job being offered. Call me on 4564456796 or mail me at 555733-08484

Thank you for the time it has taken you to read this far. I hope to change your company for the better soon.


Barnabas Omsco


Herein attached is my CV.

What can I learn from this template?

• The writer explains how hiring her is beneficial to the employer

• There are no grammatical errors

• The design is simple yet comprehensive in representing the abilities of the writer

II. Someone changing their career

Growth is inevitable, and sometimes the career path you chose seizes to be fulfilling, or you simply need a fresh start. So you have finally taken a leap of faith and opted to change careers to a completely different path, what next?

The first thing that comes to the recruiters’ mind is that you are indecisive and can jump ship any time hence making you unreliable. To remove this notion from her mind, you need to write a mind-shattering cover letter that will leave them needing to see you soon for the interview.

Outline how the expertise you acquired from your previous career is beneficial to your new path. Also, briefly explain why you decided the last job was not the way to go for you. Understanding your reasons to change and the motivation to go for this other career path will help put the recruiter to consider you.

Here is a template sample;

Jude Akoth

Karen banda street

Joker vile

Phone: (59589374)

Jan. 10, 2019

Big man Bazu

HR manager

Lions eye hospital

50 Westlands


Dear Big Man:

I recently saw your advert for the job opening for a post-surgery nurse, and I was recently intrigued. Partly because I have just decided to change my career from a regular elderly caregiver to a post-surgery nurse.

Ever since I graduated from the Harvard school of medicine, my love for nursing people back to health led me to be an elderly caregiver. I worked for several homes where I was tasked with;

• Checking the vitals and stabilizing sick elderlies.

• Keeping records of the medicine, the patients were supposed to be taking and administering them when it was dosage time.

• Ensuring the patients had stable mental health and were happy with the conditions they were subjected to in the homes.

Though for six years it brought me a lot of fulfillment seeing the elderly happy and healthy, I think it’s time I challenged myself to more significant responsibilities hence the change in career.

Working with elderlies has given me patience, helped me perfect my drug admission skills, and instilled the importance of precise and constant record keeping. I believe these skills will be beneficial when it comes to the work of a post-surgery nurse. I have a degree in nursing, and therefore my educational background is on per with the job requirements you listed.

I hope you consider me and hence helping me achieve my new career goals. I am looking forward to hearing from your hospital. It has been a dream of mine to work for you, as the values you uphold are in line with my work ethic.


Jude Akoth

Attached you will find my resume and copies of my medical practicing certificate.

What can I learn from this template?

• It completely removes any doubt that had formed in the job recruiters’ minds about the decision to change careers after six years.

• It outlines the skills learned as it is what the job recruiter needed from potential candidates.

• It is short and precise as it leaves the majority of the information where it belongs, In the resume.

III. When you are unemployed

When you find yourself employed for whatever reason during these harsh times, it is normal for you to feel inadequate and less trusting of your skills. After all, if you were outstanding, you would not be out of a job in the first place.

Well, the good news is job recruiters tend to favor unemployed people for new opportunities as opposed to those already in other positions. All you have to do is state the reasons for your current unemployment and also what you have been doing for self-improvement.

Most importantly, you have to explain how you intend to be beneficial if, at all, you are hired. Check out this award-winning template for an unemployed chef;

Barbara Mocha

P. O. Box 3363738

Karen Nairobi

Phone number; 4758940403

March 29th, 2020

Fenty Rihanna

Kitchen head

Mobile restaurant

P.O Box 584940

West Australia

Dear; Fenty,

Owing to my vast experience with worldwide culinary specialties, I was beyond pleased to learn that your restaurant is hiring. I am currently out of work, and an opportunity to learn and grow in your kitchen is a dream for me.

After working for ten years in various restaurants around the city, I settled at Katy restaurant, where I was promoted to the sous chef. While upholding that position, I perfected the following skills;

• Quick thinking to save a dish

• How to learn a recipe in seconds if not minutes

• The ability to multitask

• How to delegate duties and ensure timely and perfect execution

• How to maintain utmost hygiene even after several dish preparation

However, there was a layoff, and the majority of the staff were let go of me included. I took the time to study wine pairing, followed by mixology. These skills will help me advise customers better on the drinks to complement their meals.

Apart from my love for cooking, my experience will help you find affordable substitutes for seasonal vegetables while still maintaining the desired taste. Looking forward to working in your kitchen soon and thank you for your consideration


Barbara Mocha


What can I learn from this template?

• Extremely easy on the eyes as it has short sentences

• The bullet points catch the attention of the reader pretty quick

• Explains how the writer matches the skill set needed.

IV. For an internship

Getting the right internship is not only important in jumpstarting your career but also giving you a practical feel of the real world. That is why it’s advised to carefully outline what you expect to achieve by the end of the internship and which company will offer the experience to you.

In your cover letter, you need to outline why you decided to choose the company, and the skills that you fresh from the school mind will benefit them. Also, ensure you highlight any useful position of leadership you have ever upheld in school as employers prioritize able leaders.

Subject; scriptwriter and acting director.

Dear; Sophia Versace

I was led here by an ad on the standard newspaper where you had stated you are taking on interns for various positions.

I am interested in the position of screenwriter and acting director. Your company makes award-winning movies with amazing scripts, and I am sure of getting an opportunity to learn from your team is what I need to start my career.

As per your requirements, I am in my fourth year of studying film making and directing.

My project is being considered for an adaptation to a movie, and because I achieved that milestone while still at school, I believe I am a strong candidate for the internship position.

I would like to express my deep interest in entering a position as an editorial assistant for your publishing company.

Not only will I bring a fresh perspective from a young person battling the life turmoil of teenagehood, but also, my ability to incorporate humor in my scripts will help improve your current scripts.

Since you highlighted that you need someone who can work under pressure, I am confident that the two years I’ve been working as an assistant scriptwriter for ABC films gave me that ability.

We constantly deliver projects in short notice, and all of them have turned out perfect. Please consider my internship application, for I humbly seek an opportunity to learn from your team.

Find attached my resume, letter of introduction from my school, and recommendation forms. Thank you for your time and for the opportunity you will accord me.


Barbara Doreen

P. O. Box 34643


Phone number -263829678


What can I learn from this template?

• The writer made their minimal writing experience seem enough

• Since the job description was specific to the skills it was looking for; the writer points out how they match up to expectation.

V. For an academic

Filling university admission forms usually requires you to include a cover letter. Unlike the cover letters for job hunting, college recruiters actually read your cover letter.

With that being said, it is important to put a lot of thought into how you are going to write your cover letter, among other documents needed.

Most people make the mistake of dwelling a lot on their vast educational background and good grades. While this is a good approach, most recruiters prefer you to leave that for the resume and tell them how you will be beneficial to the campus instead.

Take a look at the template below;

Barbara Mocha

Juju preparatory high school

P.O.BOX 23432

Ghana, Louisiana

6th June 2020

Rita Rohani

Recruitment officer

Harvard University

P.O.BOX 5967849


Dear Rita;

It has been my lifelong dream to join Harvard University, and I hope this is my chance to make my dream a reality. Owing to the fact that your institution only accepts a certain caliber of students, I have constantly tried to reach the mark.

All through my stay in juju high school, I tried to take part in uplifting the needy by starting a charity. Not only that, but my grades were also exemplary hence leading me to be crowned valedictorian of my year.

I believe my morals and values are in line with your requirements and so I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


Barbara Roche

What can I learn from this sample?

• The enthusiasm the writer has to join the school

• The letter is brief and straight to the point

VI. Cover letter for a part-time job

If at all you are looking for a side hustle or something to keep you busy during your free hours, then a part-time job is what you need. But to get the job, you need to write a cover letter, yet you know nothing about where to start.

Don’t be stressed as all you need to include in the letter is the skills you possess and why a part-time job is a better deal for you as compare to full-time employment.

Remember, a cover letter is an essential back up to your resume, so make it worth its while. Here is an example of a comprehensive cover letter template that you can derive inspiration from;

Barbara Roche

P.O. BOX 2345-00899

Nairobi, Ngong


23rd Jan 2020

Regina Carter

HR manager

Riana School

4759, Wooddale

Kuala Lumpur, India.

I am following your advertisement in the standard newspaper regarding a job opening for a tutor. I hereby write to you offering myself up for consideration for the position.

The advertisement piqued my interest as it aligns with my need for a part-time job as I already have a full time one. I believe the position will not only help me hone my teaching skills but also help me pay my bills.

I now work for Jeru School as a grade seven sciences teacher. However, lessons in my school end at around 2 o’clock, leaving me with plenty of time on my hands. I was crowned �most dedicated teacher’ last year, and so I believe my skills and worth ethic will be well appreciated in your school.

I am also very patient with children having worked for three years at a special needs academy. Hopefully, you give me a chance to show you my expertise, and I assure you I will deliver exemplary results.

In the light of positivity that you will grant me a part-time job, I will pass by your offices next week to follow up. Meanwhile, you can reach me on wubddeo or on my official number, 47393024648.

Thank you for your time and patience.

Kind regards,

Barbara Roche

What can I learn from this sample template?

• Highlighting milestones you have had in your career earns you bonus points with the recruiter.

• Explain why you need a part-time job and not a full time one.

VII. Referrals

In the current world setting, the majority of the marketing opportunities we get or hear of is through connection to the source. Word of mouth is the oldest and most reliable marketing tool.

So let’s say a friend of you introduced you to a politician your media house has been meaning to interview. You will still need to send a notice and set an appointment which his office so as to get your interview.

For that, you will need a covering letter to introduce yourself and state your business, below is a template you might want to consider;

29th March 2019

Hon. Raphael Mikala

P. O. Box private bag


Kamkuywa Western

Dear; Raphael Mikala.

I am a senior chief editor working for Nation media house and currently working on a project called �uplift our community.’ Seeming that you and I both have the same interests; I wanted to interview you. This is in regards to the women development initiative that you recently started spearheading in the county.

Last week I was talking to my friend Rita about the initiative, and she agreed it was a good angle to take in representing the development of our country. She then introduced me to you during the golden globe event this past weekend.

Though we only met and talked for a few minutes, you agreed to spare some time for an interview. I hope your offer still stands. Airing your interview in our channel will give you the exposure you need to get sponsors for your project as well as create awareness so that other women may join you.

I will drop by your offices next week for feedback and hope to see when I can slot in our meeting. Thank you for the work you do for the community and for sparing your time to read this letter,


Barbara Mocha

364748 Wisconsin

Trev ado


Phone number-337382902

What can I learn from this sample template?

• The writer introduces herself very earlier on as no one has the time to guess who the letter is from

• The writer makes sure to outline how the interview will be of help to both parties involved.

Mistakes to avoid when drafting an exemplary cover letter

• Avoid grammatical errors in your cover letter

One grammatical error is enough to take you out of the race completely. It shows not only illiterateness but also carelessness. Apart from proofreading your work, get a second opinion from someone else just to be sure.

• Don’t make it a summary of your official CV

Many people usually fall into the false line of thinking that a cover letter should be like a minimized resume. This is not the case at all.

Make your cover letter interesting by adding any career highlights that you have had or just any punchline that is guaranteed to sway consideration your side.

Example of a cover letter punchline; �From the experience I have gained in the three years I have been in the construction industry, you do not have to use marble for your floors. To save you millions in furnishings, use a special wallpaper. This is one of the budget solutions I bring to the table.’

• Lying

The pressure to come up with an outstanding cover letter may lead you to opt for a lie so as to paint you in a better light. Refrain from the temptation as you may end up shortlisted for the position.

The recruiter will then pay more attention to the details of your submission details and probably want to confirm authenticity. Since most things can be found in the internet at a click of a button, you will have robbed yourself the chance to employment like that.

Nobody is trying to hire a liar as integrity is among the core values of almost 80% of companies I the world.

• Do not compare your past job with the one you are applying for

Try not to mention the current you are working for and the benefits that you are getting there that you expect in the new job. Also, if you have to mention the job you are/were on, refrain from painting it in a bad light.

Doing so will make you seem ungrateful and raises eyebrows as to whether you were the problem.

 Personal information

You do not need to include your residential estate or get into gory details of the poverty unemployment has subjected you to. You might be trying to win the sympathy of the recruiter but will just end up looking desperate hence losing points.


A cover letter though not as important as a resume can play a huge role in whether you are taken for consideration or not. Try to make yours unique and outstanding to capture the interest of the job recruiter. Ensure you stick to the important information and don’t just edit the letters assuming a one fits all mentality. Design a new one every time for better chances of getting the opportunity you have been eyeing. Otherwise, good luck in your search.

Written by Vitalii Butiluk

Editor and CTO at Jobitin

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