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    Top 10 Amazon Interview Questions and Answers

    1) Amazon Interview Questions 2020

    Amazon is one of the most successful companies in the USA and worldwide, run by the richest man on the planet. So, it’s no wonder that working at Amazon is a dream job for many. Besides, they are known for caring about and investing in their workforce. But make no mistake, getting hired and acquiring […] More

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    Top 11 Phone Interview Tips For 2020 [+Questions and Answers]

    You sent your resume to that dream job and finally got a call from the company’s HR or recruitment and selection agency. Feeling anxious and excited is normal, but it doesn’t help much at the time of the interview. Many companies start the selection process with a call to discuss work-related aspects and get to […] More

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    The Best Zoom Interview Tips – (That Will Help You)

    Zoom interviews are increasingly gaining popularity these days. And with the current Coronavirus pandemic, individuals and organizations are using the Zoom video conferencing platform to conduct interviews. If you have been invited for a zoom interview, then you should treat it as an ordinary job interview. However, you also need to familiarize yourself with the […] More