Tips for Composing Nurse Manager Resume

Nurse Manager Resume

A resume is an essential element to your application. Your resume will list your previous work and education. Resumes allow your potential employer to view all of your skills and expertise. It is very important to present your resume in an organized manner. For example, your resume should include proper grammar and adhere to basic resume templates. Employers want to see that you are organized and prepared. A Nurse Manager resume should include all of your formal education and work experience.

A resume should include keywords that relate to the position you are applying for. For example, your experience and education should match the requirements of the position you are applying for. Composing the perfect Nurse Manager resume is simple and straightforward. It is very important to describe your education and work experience as accurately as possible. You want to make a good first impression with a sleek and polished resume.

A resume is also important as it is typically referred to during the interview process. Often times an employer will ask you to describe your experience and education listed on your resume. For this reason it is very important to proof read your resume and feel confident in your ability to describe each work/education entry.

Example Nurse Manager Resume

Successfully managed an 85-person nursing staff in previous position. Oversaw emergency center in conjunction with other lead officials. Monitored budget and productivity on a consistent basis. Preformed patient care for a variety of patients, both emergent and non-emergent. Maintained accurate files for admitting staff, nursing staff and radiology staff.

  • Developed and Implemented New Systems in Department
  • Managed Unit for Patient Overflow
  • Team Leader for Inpatient
  • Improved Department with Collaboration
  • Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from UCLA (University of California-Los Angeles)
  • Master’s of Business Administration from UCLA (University of California- Los Angeles)

The above example outlines the most important features for your resume. It is important to match your qualifications with the description your potential employer is looking for in a candidate. You want to communicate your strengths and previous experience. Accurately detailing your past accomplishments in both the workplace and school will help to narrow the decision. It is important to include enough detail without over explaining yourself.

The Most Important Responsibilities of a Nurse Manger

Nurse Managers are responsible for overseeing the nursing staff. Nurse Managers are required to uphold all policies and procedures for their department/ facility. Nurse Managers provide patients with information when required. Nurse Managers have worked as a nurse for X number of years before transitioning into their role as manager. Most Nurse Managers hold Master’s degrees, however it is not necessary.

Nurse Managers are also expected to maintain an organized schedule where operations run on time and according to plan. They oversee travel and per diem staff members. They ensure operations run according to plan daily from maintenance to appointments. Nurse Managers can work in a variety of settings from ICU to a clinic.

When applying for a Nurse Manager position, candidates can include statistics from their previous position. For example, if they have a low staff turnover rate, they can highlight this accomplishment (“1% rate of staff turnover”). If they maintain high levels of patient care, they can include this feature (“98% patient satisfaction scores”).

How to Stand Out on Your Resume

Your main objective when preparing a resume is to stand out amongst the hundreds of other applications for the position. While it is true that some applicants have more signifiant credentials, employers are looking for more than credentials. Employers want to see job consistency, dedication and education. For example, if you graduated with honors for your nursing program, include this detail on your resume. If you received a high rating in your previous position, include this detail as well. Your goal is to use powerful language that highlights how you developed your career.

Researching and studying the hospital/clinic you will be working for is very helpful. You want to have a full understanding of the medical company you are applying to and their values. The more educated you are on their method of management, the better Nurse Manger you will be. Every hospital/ clinic will differ in their requirements and expectations. By showing your potential employer your dedication as a Nurse Manager, you create a positive reputation early-on.

Written by Vitalii Butiluk

Editor and CTO at Jobitin

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