Junior Product Manager Job Description (Role, Responsibilities, Skills, Qualities, Tasks, Qualifications)

Junior Product Manager Job Description

A Junior Product Manager serves an important and vital role for the company. The Junior Product Manager job description requires individuals that apply to be both responsible and qualified for the position. Candidates for this position have significant and outstanding skills.

Main Responsibilities

  • Collect and Analyze Data (sales, prices, marketing strategies)
  • Present New Product Ideas (increase company ROI)
  • Publish Status Reports (help product development stay on track)
  • Evaluate and Maintain Record (new product ideas)
  • Effectively Promote Company Values

All of the above responsibilities and tasks are critical for the success of any company in regards to their products. Junior Product Managers must understand their market and what is expected of them. When a product manager understands their market, they are better able to cater to it. This will allow the company to advance and create a successful brand in the industry.

Companies that cater to their customers see higher rates of success and revenue. Emphasis is put on collecting and analyzing data for the advancement of products. In order to advance products, the market must be thoroughly understood. This is why time and resources are dedicated to evaluation, maintenance, analyzation and collection.

Additional Tasks

There are additional tasks that are relevant for this position. The associated responsibilities help Junior Product Managers to lead team members and facilitate success for the company. These tasks include…

  • Seek Out Product Sales Information (search various sources)
  • Monitor Product Trends on Social Media (viral trends for products)
  • Record Outstanding Sales Information (maintain all product information in regards to sales)
  • Regularly Visit E-Commerce Categories (current top categories)
  • Report New Findings (report product findings with your team)
  • Periodically Meet with Team (discuss new products and updates)
  • Complete various related assignments

The Importance of a Junior Product Manager

A Junior Product Manager provides the team with an important service. Effectively managing products from A to Z is the main responsibility of this role. However, this role requires certain qualities to ensure success. These qualities include…

  • Self-starting
  • Energetic and Motivated
  • Enthusiastic with a “Can-Do” Attitude
  • Flexible and Patient Leader
  • Passion for Research and Analysis

A Junior Product Manager’s characteristics and strong personal qualities will help them to overcome challenges and find effective solutions. When problems occur, it is important for the individual in this position to stay calm, motivated and base their decisions on facts and information. Individuals that base their decisions off of emotions are not well suited for this type of position. Basing decisions off of solid evidence such as figures, reports and analysis are beneficial for the company.

The Qualifications of a Junior Product Manager

There are various qualifications of an eligible Junior Product Manager. These qualifications are needed as they serve as the foundation for this individual. An educated and experienced individual will be an asset to the company and help further the company’s goal. These qualifications include…

  • Bachelor’s Degree Required (marketing, advertising, business communications, business administration)
  • 2-4 Years of Related Experience (marketing and development preferred)
  • Tech Savvy (Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook etc.)
  • User Proficiency of Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest)

Social media has become an inevitably crucial part of almost every company in today’s day and age. This is also true for a Junior Product Manager, as this individual must be proficient in these platforms. Understanding how to utilize these platforms and create content is very important. Social media has proven to be a powerful platform for marketing and advertising. Marketing is vital for the success of products and therefore social media ranks high on the priority list for Junior Product Managers.

The Main Goal

The main goal of a Junior Product Manger is to learn and adopt product development. The process of product development is under the guidance of this individual. From initial evaluation to final packaging, a Junior Product Manager is responsible and held accountable for the process.

Contributing to the company in a positive manner is very important. Adding a beneficial component to the team allows for a successful and strong workforce. A company must work together as a team to produce desired results. The role of Junior Product Manager highlights this and puts emphasize on analytical and self-starting individuals for this position.

Written by Vitalii Butiluk

Editor and CTO at Jobitin

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