Executive Personal Assistant Job Description (Skills, Salary, Duties, Certification, Training and Responsibilities)


What Does an Executive Personal Assistant Do?

An executive personal assistant helps leaders and executives complete their day to day tasks. Executive Personal Assistants ensure the company runs smoothly by aiding an executive with various tasks. These types of assistants typically spend a lot of time on the computer completing various duties. They are responsible for a variety of clerical and administrative duties. Executive Personal Assistants may supervise and train other team members at the company. The Executive Personal Assistant Job Description details the various tasks/ duties this candidate would be responsible for.

Executive Personal Assistants have a unique opportunity to work under a company executive. This enables the assistant to experience first-hand what their day entails. This can be a valuable asset for the assistant in their future career. Executive Personal Assistants work closely with the executive and build a professional business relationship with them. Executive Personal Assistants complete daily tasks to help the executive and ensure operations run according to schedule.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Arrange Conference Calls
  • Arrange Meetings
  • Make Travel Arrangements
  • Compose Emails
  • Create/ Review Memos
  • Minor Research/ Analysis
  • Help Create Presentations
  • Prepare Stat Reports
  • Organize Files
  • Answer Phones

These responsibilities are necessary to help the executive with their day to day operations. It is important to understand the basics of each of these duties. The following is a description of the above tasks.

Arranging conference calls is important to help the executive communicate with other leaders in the company as well as external contacts.

Arranging meetings is important for keeping unity in the company. Meetings help business to run smoothly and ensure all members are on the same page regarding upcoming affairs.

Making travel arrangements is important for ensuring the executive is prepared for their upcoming business trip.

Composing emails on behalf of the executive will ensure their time is dedicated for other business opportunities.

Creating and reviewing memos on behalf of the executive is important for keeping the company united and cohesive.

Minor research and analysis is important for keeping the company current on business trends.

Creating presentations are important for communicating the executive’s ideas and opinions to the company in an organized manner.

Preparing stat reports will help the company to stay on track throughout the year.

Organizing files and answering phones are both practical day to day operations that are necessary.

Good Skills to Have:

In addition to the main responsibilities that Executive Personal Assistants must complete, there are supplementary skills that are extremely beneficial in this type of position. These additional skills will provide the Executive Personal Assistant with the tools they need to complete their job successfully.

  • Self-Starting
  • Organized
  • Detail-Oriented

Self starting individuals are perfect for this position. They are motivated to begin their work and undertake projects without being told. They take the initiative to begin work.

Organized individuals are well-suited for this position as many of these tasks rely upon strong organizational skills for success.

Detail-oriented individuals excel in this type of position as most of the duties require attention to detail. Attention to detail will allow the assistant to keep accurate records and stats for the executive.


The salary for an Executive Personal Assistant in the UK is around £48,452. The salary for an Executive Personal Assistant in the US is around $59,400.

Education, Experience and Certification:

Executive Personal Assistants are required to have the following formal education, experience and certification:

  • High School Diploma (required)
  • Postsecondary Training, Degree (preferred)
  • Experience with Computers, Proficiency in Typing (required)

Candidates with a degree or postsecondary training will have preference for this position. Experience with computers and proficiency in typing is absolutely necessary and most of the tasks require tech use. From emails to presentations, good writing skills are needed.

The Main Goal:

Executive Personal Assistants serve an important role for the executive. This individual is responsible for most of their minor day to day tasks. From preparing travel arrangements to preparing stat reports, this candidate must be extremely detail-oriented. Organizational skills are necessary for success. Candidates that are self-starting and motivated perform the best in this type of role. Executive Personal Assistants will receive personal, hands-on experience working under a company executive. This will allow them to further their career.

Written by Vitalii Butiluk

Editor and CTO at Jobitin

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