Manufacturing Engineer Resume Examples (Guide & Tips)

Manufacturing Engineer Resume

When applying for an engineering job, your main goal should be to present your technical engineering skills and experience in the best way possible to convince the employer you’re the best candidate for the position.

If you craft an exceptional manufacturing Engineer resume, the chance of landing the job is high. If the vetting process is computerized, it’s essential to use the right keywords as advertised in the job listing.

Take time to examine the company’s website or the job listing for the right words. These terminologies should be relevant to the job and frequently used in your profession. Looking at several sample resumes will prove extremely helpful in providing the right format and words to use.

The resume’s design should capture professionalism. This is easily achieved if you use sample manufacturing engineer resumes or online resume templates.

It should comprise several sections, each with a heading. In the body of the resume, you should stick to standard font styles such as Cambria or Calibri. The font size should be either 11 or 12 points. You may use bold, underline, italic style in the heading. The font for the titles can be larger than the rest of the text.

The resume should also feature an abundance of white space to increase its readability.

  • Format

You may opt for a reverse chronological order for your resume’s format. This format focuses mainly on your work history. It’s the best format to highlight your work experience. Alternatively, you can go for the functional resume that primarily underscores your skills instead of your work history.

At the same time, you can choose a hybrid resume that merges the first two formats. The margins should be 1 inch on each side while line spacing should be 1-1.15 inches. Unless otherwise specified, you should send the resume in PDF file format.

  • Resume Length

Typically, your resume should be a single page in length. If you have a long list of qualifications or experience, you can extend it to two pages, but not more. If the employer needs a printed copy of the resume, choose cotton or superior quality linen business paper. The printing paper should be 8.5 by 11-inch.

What to Include in your Manufacturing Engineer Resume

Your resume should include sufficient details that will portray you to be the best pick for the job. Although you can’t fit all your details in the resume, ensure it has the following headings.

1. Header

The header includes your contact information including your name. For example:

Mike Brown

123 Thickway Lane

Los Angles LA, 90100

Cell: (333) 932-3434

2. Professional Summary

This section brings out critical points you want the hiring manager to see. For example, it may read:

A manufacturing engineer with 7 years’ experience and highly skilled in troubleshooting and maintenance of automation equipment. I also possess incredible technical, analytical, and problem-solving skills. In the last 3 years, I have helped my company to save over $2.5 million by increasing efficiency.

3. Experience

In this section, include your professional experience that’s relevant to the specific job. For example:

Manufacturing Engineer

Trade Equity

Sep 2014 to Aug 2020

Main Responsibilities

• Put into action 3D techniques which decreased downtime by 15%

• Contributed immensely to the design and implementation of the $ 400 million new engineering plant

• Cost savings of over 30% in the last six months

Key Achievement:

• Developed and implemented the latest test protocol resulting in a 15% increase in sales over the previous year.

4. Skills

In this part of the resume, you should highlight the crucial engineering skills required for the job. An ideal manufacturing engineer should have a set of skills, including mechanical knowledge, leadership, and communication skills. They must have a deep understanding of manufacturing engineering, quality control, and product development. Some of the skills you can include in the section include the following:

• Problem-solving

• Computer-aided design(CAD)

• Lean manufacturing skills

• Critical thinking

• Computer-aided manufacturing(CAM)

• Time management

• Organizational skills

• Analytical skills

• Commercial alertness

• Teamwork

5. Educational Qualifications

List your educational qualifications in this section. Avoid excess details though you can state your achievements. For example:

Bachelor of Engineering, University of Los Angles

2009- 2013

Emerging Engineer winner for 2012

President Engineering Students Society 2011-2012

Once you’re through writing the resume, you need to proofread it to locate any grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. If it contains minor errors, this may minimize your chances of landing the job.

Written by Vitalii Butiluk

Editor and CTO at Jobitin

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