Tips for Composing Videographer Resume

Videographer Resume

A resume is key to impressing your potential employer and outlining all of your experience and training as a videographer. The role of a videographer is to record moving images. Videographers are responsible for shooting and editing their video footage. Videographers are needed for a variety of roles in various industries such as documentaries, filmmaking, TV productions and events. Videographers have to communicate with their client to understand their vision for the project. For this reason videographers need good commutation skills, creativity and innate attention to detail. A Videographer resume should highlight your features effectively.

Videographers are essential for capturing footage and helping to communicate with the audience. There are many elements that contribute to a successful videographer. Videographers must understand how to film videos, direct studio equipment, edit the footage and consult with clients. Some videographers hold certifications for videography, however this is not a necessity. Videographer resume examples are helpful to get an idea of what is required for the position. Ensuring your skills match the position is essential.

Your resume should include important facts about yourself. You’ll want to include how many years you have been a videographer. You’ll also want to include specifics on your skills and career accomplishments. For example, if you filmed for a successful documentary, you’ll want to name it and describe the process. All experiences/ expertise should be recorded on your resume. The more experience you have- the more prepared you appear to your potential employer.

Example of Videographer Resume

Filmed and produced medical videos for surgical operations. Videos were used for educational purposes across a range of universities for students. Videos were also used to help graduates during their residency program.

  • Filmed and Produced Sponsored Videos for JFK Hospital in an Effort to Reach their $3 Million Donation Goal
  • Collaborated with Clients for Lifestyle Documentaries
  • Designed and Produced Powerpoint Video Presentations for Hospitals Across NYC
  • Created Video for MOMA NYC in their Native Art Exhibit
  • Maintained a Working Relationship with Museums, Hospitals and Private Clients Over the Past 10 Years
  • Collaborated with Habitat for Humanity Charity as a Volunteer
  • Degree in Visual Communication and Audio Technology from NYU (New York University)

The above example can be used to help guide your resume. Your credentials should be highlighted in an organized and professional tone. It is important to include specific names of hospitals, museums and high-profile clients you worked with. By including specifics, you are showcasing clients who appreciated and valued your work. Identifying your career accomplishments will help your potential employer to understand your skills.

The Most Important Responsibilities of a Videographer

A videographer’s job is very important for capturing special moments. Videographers have the ability to communicate with their lens. For this reason, attention to detail and creativity are essential for success. Videographers have to effectively communicate with their clients to understand what they want to achieve. Clients hire videographers with the intent to capture a particular event or scene. For example, when a videographer films a knee surgery, the intent it to teach future surgeons.

Videographers are responsible for capturing the scene/ event from the best angle possible. A kind and professional demeanor is essential for a successful career. From private documentaries to museum videos, videographers must work with a variety of clients and provide them with the content they are looking for.

How to Showcase Skills on Videographer Resume

Your resume should be filled with important details. You do not want to include your entire education/ work history. You’ll want to highlight your most prominent accomplishments as a videographer. If you have a degree in audio technology or visual communication, you should include it. If you had successful collaborations, you’ll want to include them as well. Your goal is to show your potential employer the value you can add to their company.

If you created a unique style of shooting video, it is important to describe it on your resume. Employers want to see unique qualities candidates may have. This helps your style of shooting to stand out from other videographers. Making an impact on your resume is key to success. Authentic and original skills you have developed over your career enhance your resume leaps and bounds.

Written by Vitalii Butiluk

Editor and CTO at Jobitin

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