Barista Cover Letter Sample (Guide & Tips)

Barista Cover Letter

To whom it may concern,

This is for my intent and interest to apply for the Barista position in your coffee shop. I have always been passionate about making coffee and brightening other people’s day because of that passion and service. I believe that creating coffee is an art and requires a certain type of skill and expertise. Being a barista is more than making coffee, but it’s knowing the customer’s needs, even before they say it loud. I think I’m perfect for the role because not only do I inhibit exemplary customer service skills, but also the perfect drink that the customer would be more than happy for.

Asides from the skills mentioned above, I’m a very eager learner and I’m someone who believes that there is always opportunity for growth in every situation. I adapt well, whether that’s to my co-workers or to the working environment itself. No matter what environment, I always dedicate my time and energy to my work and implement as much passion and enthusiasm in it.

The reason why I want to apply for your brand compared to other coffee shops out their is because I believe I will grow as a Barista with you. I believe I have all the essential skill sets it takes to succeed as a Barista and yet, I also believe that I will learn life-changing things in my experience with you. In terms of shifts, I’m very flexible with my schedule and can work no matter the shift.

I have attached my most updated resume to this cover letter for your reference, and I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon. I sincerely hope that you consider me for an interview as a barista. Thank you so much!

Barista Cover Letter Guide

1. Be conversational

You’re still speaking to another person and the letter shouldn’t feel forced or too formal. You should be more conversational and casual in your tone as possible, to avoid coming off as dry and reserved. Try talking to your hiring manager in your cover letter the way you would talk to a customer. Of course, you shouldn’t be too casual in your tone, either. Find the perfect balance between conversational and formal. Since you’re applying as a barista, you’d want a tone that’s lighthearted and genuine.

2. Do research

Before you apply for the company you intend to apply for, do research about them. Know about the values and morals they represent, and what kind of employee they’re looking for. These are the things a hiring manager often looks for, which is why research is one of the significant tips you need in writing an effective cover letter as a barista. Explain in your cover letter how you align the company’s values and morals.

3. Be yourself

Whether it be your cover letter, resume or interview, you can’t get the job if you don’t be yourself. The hiring manager genuinely wants to know who you are and what your working values are before they invite you for an interview or let you work for them completely. The best thing you can do in your barista cover letter is show your true personality. This way, you’re genuine and real with your cover letter, which they’ll appreciate.

4. Make the proper closing

As with anything, you need to close properly in your cover letter, such as an interview request or your contact information. With the right closing, you make it a point to express your intent with your cover letter. Make sure you end your cover letter with confidence as if you’re going to get that interview with them.

In conclusion, I hope these barista cover letter sample and guide was able to help you gain clarity and understanding in making your cover letter for the hiring manager. Take note that it isn’t about making the perfect cover letter, but it’s showing your true personality and intent. The purpose of a cover letter isn’t about formality but rather, more on what’s genuine and why you intend to apply as a barista for them. This is why you need to do essential research before making a cover letter, and write in the most genuine and conversational tone possible. After all, no hiring manager wants a dry cover letter from a potential barista.

Written by Vitalii Butiluk

Editor and CTO at Jobitin

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