Copywriter Cover Letter Example (Guide & Tips)

Copywriter Cover Letter

How Cover Letters Help Get You Hired

Cover letters serve a very important role for almost every profession. This is true for copywriters as well. Cover letters give applicants the opportunity to introduce themselves to their potential employer prior to an official meeting. This will help your potential employer to determine if you are a good fit for the position. Candidates that include an authentic cover letter are more likely to get selected for an interview. A Copywriter cover letter should always include highlights of your career and enthusiasm for the new position.

Research into cover letters prove employers prefer them when a candidate submits their application. Cover letters have the ability to add immediate value. Cover letters with well-thought-out introductions and conclusions will grab attention and make your resume memorable. Showcasing your skills links your expertise with the qualifications of the position. You are more likely to land an interview when you link yourself with the type of candidate they are looking for.

Conveying personality and enthusiasm through a cover letter is a great way to make a noticeable impression. The tone of voice used in your letter will speak volumes to your potential employer. This is why drafting, composing and editing your letter is extremely important. You want to put your best foot forward when applying for any position. It is also important to note that positions with many submissions are more competitive. A properly structured cover letter has the ability to take your application to the next level.

Properly Preparing a Copywriter Cover Letter

Properly structuring your cover letter is key to success. While it is true there are no set rules for a cover letter, there are some general guidelines that you should adhere to. For example, you want to always speak professionally and respectfully. Your first impression matters. You’ll want to open your cover letter with enthusiasm and positivity for the position you are applying for. Briefly describe why you are the right candidate in the first couple sentences.

You should continue the letter with your experience, education, collaborations, internships and any other work-related experiences. Highlighting your personality and characteristics are very important for making a statement. Other applicants may use a generic cover letter with vague statements about their career. Authentic cover letters are better received amongst employers and help identify who you are.

Dear Mrs. Smith

After years of successful work for both public and private clients, it is my honor to present my resume for the position of copywriter at Denver Note Records. I believe my unique skill set and natural talent for creating content on a variety of platforms will serve your agency well.

I have a passion for writing in both media and print. I have served as a copywriter for various clients, both in the US and the UK. I believe in the importance of outstanding quality, which is why I have perfected my skills over the course of my career. I have worked in a number of fields such as fashion, music, movies, and news. My career has allowed me to develop excellent time management skills and meet tight deadlines.

Having worked in a fast-paced environment for many years, I understand how important productivity is. I currently cover all types of media and create content for ads in television, sports and entertainment.

Some of my career highlights include…

– Writing and Developing Content for Major Brands in Sports and Entertainment

-Develop Promotional Content in the US/ UK

-Create Advertisement Content in the US/ UK

-Graduated with a Bachelor’s in Communication from Denver University

My attached resume outlines each of my work experiences and formal education. I appreciate your time and look forward to discussing what I can offer Denver Note Records. Thank you.


Victoria Smith

Helpful Tips to Keep in Mind

The following tips are important to keep in mind when writing your cover letter…

  • Highlight the Most Important Experiences

A cover letter should not be a detailed essay about your career or education, rather the highlights. Describe highlighted moments where you excelled in your job or educational training.

  • Include Personal Qualities

By including your personal qualities, you allow your application to stand out amongst others. For example, expressing your time management skills will help to showcase yourself as reliable and responsible.

  • Write Professionally

Your cover letter should always be written with a professional and kind tone. You want to make your first impression one of integrity and respect.

Written by Vitalii Butiluk

Editor and CTO at Jobitin

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