Esthetician Cover Letter Example (Guide & Tips)

Esthetician Cover Letter

The Significance of Cover Letters

Cover letters are documents that are attached to your resume when applying for a job. Cover letters are used to formally introduce yourself to potential employers. Cover letters add another layer to your application and give you a boost against other applicants that may not have one. An Esthetician cover letter is a valuable tool.

It is important to stand out in your cover letter and be a memorable candidate. Your resume is meant to display facts, such as degrees, schools and prior jobs. On the other hand, a cover letter is meant to convey your personality and characteristics.

Your cover letter should be visually appealing and organized. You want to convey yourself as a strong, professional, kind and organized individual. First impressions are important and creating a well-thought-out cover letter can aid this goal.

Preparing an Esthetician Cover Letter

An Esthetician cover letter should highlight your accomplishments and personal characteristics that contribute to your career. You’ll want to outline topics about yourself such as training, certification, skills, education and work experience. However, it is important to keep the cover letter focused mainly on career-oriented personality and mannerism.

The cover letter should include why you believe you are the right Esthetician for this position. Highlighting why you believe you are a great fit for the company will help potential employers to narrow their decision. It is important to include how your skill set matches the job requirements. It’s also valuable to include why you would like to work with the company and what values you appreciate in the company.

Dear Mrs. Williams,

With regards to Bella Villa Spa’s listing for an Esthetician, it is my great pleasure to present you with my resume. As a recent graduate of Roxanne Beauty School, I believe I will be of value to the spa with my strong customer service background and detail-oriented services.

My training and certification as a licensed Esthetician has enabled me to provide outstanding client beauty services. My previous position was in a fast-paced salon with high-end clientele. I developed and perfected my skill set during my 3 years at that spa. I worked directly underneath managers and veteran Estheticians to create my own skills set. I have enjoyed repeated clients over the past 3 years and built a private clientele for myself.

During the course of my career I have completed the following…

-600 hours of official Esthetician training

-Provided outstanding service for 3 years- including facials, makeup application, hair removal and various skin treatments

-Built a consistent client base

-Provided various spa services and products to clients during visit

-Demonstrated effective communication with clients regarding skin treatments

-Collaborated with various co-workers in the work environment

I am ready and excited to offer my knowledge, skills and experience to Bella Villa Spa. I believe my skill set matches the candidate described in the listing. I look forward to meeting you and discussing how I can be of value to Bella Villa Spa. Thank you for your time.


Rose Garcia

Helpful Tips for Composing a Cover Letter

  • Explain How Your Credentials Match

It is important to explain how your experience, education and skills match what your potential employer is looking for. By describing how you match the position, you are able to further you chance of acquiring the job. It is important to make the connection between the ideal candidate and yourself. Explaining how you are well-suited for the position will enable you to further your opportunity with the company.

  • Describe Previous Positions

By describing the positions your previously held, you are showcasing your skills and empahsizing the fact that you are experienced. Every employer likes to know their new hires have adequate experience. The more experience, the less likely an error will be made. This is beneficial for employers and their business.

  • Create a Memorable Impression

Creating a memorable impression by using respectful and courteous language will serve you well. As important as credentials are, mannerism also play a large role. By explaining how you are a qualified Esthetician in a kind and professional manner, you showcase your ability to show respect for others. This is very important when servicing clients. Your potential employer will be able to witness your personality traits and inner character prior to even meeting you.

Written by Vitalii Butiluk

Editor and CTO at Jobitin

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