Business Development Cover Letter Example (Guide & Tips)

Business Development Cover Letter

To many recruiters, your cover letter plays an essential part in the job application. This is because it lets you showcase to your employers why they have to hire you, your personality, and your uniqueness among the rest of the candidates. Therefore if you among the many people who get overwhelmed when the need for writing a business development cover letter arises, then below are the best tips for writing the finest cover letter.

Write a Unique Cover Later for Each Employer

Yes, it is much simpler and faster to use a previous letter in applying for a new job by changing the previous company’s name. However, many employers will want to determine that you are passionate about the firm and the position- which means crafting a new custom cover letter for every job that you wish to apply for.

While there is no problem in recycling a few phrases and lines from the previous letter, avoid sending out a one hundred percent generic cover letter. Such a letter is direct sign to the recruiters that your letter can be found in every job listing within. A mistake that can have your application dumped.

  • Your Cover Letter Must Have Salutations

Including the name of the recruiter is vital. The traditional approach to addressing the letter is by using the hiring manager’s first and last name. However, for a more casual approach, you should drop the title and also the last name.

Generic salutations should be avoided at all cost. Such salutations are antiquated and stiff, and cover letters are meant to be customized. If there is no specific head of staff name, then addressing the chief of department can be a good idea.

  • Craft a Killer Opening Sentence

No need to start with your name. The hiring manager will see this on the resume. However, mentioning the job opening, you are submitting an application for is necessary.

The important thing here is to have the best introduction. The first line has to provide a unique clear picture of your previous accomplishment and your passion regarding the company.

  • Surpass Your Resume

A major mistake that many people make is using the cover letter in outlining what is on their resume. Do not repeat yourself. Instead, expand more on the main points to paint a bigger picture of all your accomplishments as well as experience including why you are the best fit for the job.

  • Do not Include What the Firm Can Do for You

A major problem with many job seekers is indicating in the letter what the firm can do for them. However, the recruiters already know this. What they do not know is how you are going to be of help to the company. Therefore try and identify the firm’s pain points, including the problems to be solved.

Also, highlight the best experience and expertise while at the same time showcasing your know-how.

  • Consider Testimonials

If used sparingly, great feedbacks form your previous co-workers and managers can be an added advantage.

  • Consider The Company’s Voice

Cover letters offers a better opportunity of showcasing you comprehend the culture and business environment of the firm. Therefore, researching about the firm helps you understand its tone, language and culture.

  • Keep Your Last Words Short And Finish Strong

Short conclusions have a way of attracting the recruiter’s attention. Your closing sentence is your last kill. It is your final chance to outline your zeal for the firm, meaning it has to be perfect.

Business Development Cover Letter Sample

Jane Williams

Graduate International Commerce Student

Cover letter

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to convey my interest in performing- Operational Marketing at Amel Shipping Company.

I learned about this opening through The Best Sailing Ships Association. I developed my startup from nothing, facing, and surpassing different growth issues. I successfully managed the overall performance and operations of the startup from its budgeting, marketing, strategy, and financial management. This has given me the appropriate experience in business development, management, sales, and strategy.

I am confident, I can offer what you need by becoming a beneficial addition to the firm since the skills and prerequisites required by the company match my experience and knowledge.

I am passionate about your firm’s vision, and I would like to bring in my marketing experience to this position.

Thank you


Jane Williams

Written by Vitalii Butiluk

Editor and CTO at Jobitin

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