Marketing Project Manager Job Description (Skills, Salary, Duties and Responsibilities)

Marketing Project Manager Job Description

What Does Marketing Project Manager Do?

A Marketing Project Manager serves as the overall overseer of a company’s marketing project. A company’s position in its market environment depends on how well it is able to reach out to its target market. So, the principal mandate of this job description is to ensure that the face of a company is out there where it needs to be so that customers can be aware of it and respond to it accordingly. This is possible through the Marketing Project Manager’s ability to work in collaboration with sales, management, advertising, and public relations teams to effectively implement marketing programs. Essentially, a Marketing Project Manager has to apply creative and strategic marketing strategies to effectively promote a company.

Duties, Responsibilities, and Skills

There are specific duties and responsibilities that Marketing Project Managers should undertake in order to achieve their objective of promoting the position of their companies in their respective market landscapes. Moreover, there are particular skills that they should have for them to execute their roles and obligations with utmost proficiency.

I. The duties and tasks of a marketing project manager are as follows:

  • Spearheading market research: This is a fundamental element of a business’ success in present and future promotional campaigns.
  • Creation of promotion programs: It involves a good understanding of a business’ product offerings and target market to build a significant market share.
  • Working with inter-departmental marketing experts for effective implementation of organizational strategy
  • Creating financial projections: You should be financially aware of the amount to be allocated to every marketing component.
  • Developing external market relationships that are important for corporate growth
  • Designing and management of promotion calendar

II. The skills needed include:

  • Management skills: Everything that Marketing Project Managers do centers on this skill. It involves the understanding of different management theories and putting them into action.
  • Directorial skills: Organizational skills come in handy when Marketing Project Managers are designing projects and related tasks aimed at implementing marketing strategy.
  • Analytical skills: A Marketing Project Manager capitalizes on analytical skills to analyze a company’s internal and external environments for the purpose of developing relevant concepts to drive marketing strategy.
  • Decision-making skills: Effective management of members of staff in the implementation of a marketing program deems it necessary for a Marketing Project Manager to have excellent decision-making skills.

Average Salary

The average salary of a Marketing Project Manager is $62,000. The lowest possible earning is $41,000 while the highest possible earning is $92,000.

Education, Experience, and Certification

As far as the education of a marketing project manager is concerned, employers are majorly looking for persons with a Bachelor’s degree in Management or Business, with a specialization in marketing. The above-mentioned fields equip students with the fundamentals of management and marketing. Additionally, with the specialization in marketing, students are able to learn the basic principles and dynamics of marketing. These are essential in helping Marketing Project Managers to develop the acumen required to develop and run marketing campaigns.

Moreover, experience is vital if you want to become a highly successful Marketing Project Manager. It will help you to remain relevant and valuable. One of the levels of experience that you will need is the ability to guide marketing campaigns and projects from the beginning to the end. Having such a level of experience helps a Marketing Project Manager to develop the capacity to handle all the dynamics of company marketing with high levels of professionalism.

In addition, experience comes into play when you have to allocate different duties and responsibilities to different employees. A Marketing Project Manager, therefore, needs to have valuable experience in knowing who is able to work best at a project and the resources that are best suited for it. Fundamentally, one needs to know how to harness different resources together to produce quality results.

Certification is also something that Marketing Project Managers need to have to advance their careers. It is a way of improving their competence and a quest to remain knowledgeable and competitive. That is why you need to get certified by the best institutions for you to remain relevant in a changing business environment. An example of a certification that would advance your career as a Marketing Project Manager is PMP: Project Management Professional.

Written by Vitalii Butiluk

Editor and CTO at Jobitin

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