Product Marketing Manager Resume Writing Tips and Sample

Product Marketing Manager Resume

Resumes have a significant role in any job application. This is because they have the ability to determine if the employer will hire you or not. Therefore as a sales executive, you need to understand that good advertising is vital to selling a product. The same applies to writing the best resume with the product being you. With this, below are four tips for writing the best product manager resume.

A Top-notch Resume Must Have a Top-notch Introduction

Regardless of how much skill you outline in the critical expertise section or the amount of experience you pack in your resume, the introduction has a significant part in your introduction especially being the first part that the recruiter will see.

Resume introduction comes in four different types, including:

• The objective

• The resume summary

• Qualification summary

• Resume profile

All of the 4 resume introductions are just fantastic in capturing the attention of a recruiter. The only difference is on how they manage to achieve it.

This therefore means that each word must count in the introduction. Also ensure you always settle on a profile that perfectly fits the job opening you are seeking.

Maximize your Skill Section

The skills section is a significant addition to any resume write-up. This, therefore, means that it has a vital role. To use it to your advantage, list all the crucial skills that your potential employer is seeking.

Keep in mind that this section is usually made up of short phrases with the ability to balance soft and hard skills in a perfect way.

To make use of the right phrases, make sure you consider what your employer is looking for, and then tailor all your skills accordingly.

Come up With a Work Experience Section that is Full of Actions Verbs

To offer an extra zing in your work experience section, you should introduce the right action verbs. Action verbs are full-of-energy, making the best replacement for lifeless bland verbs. This should include words such as designed, captured, achieved, and initiated, among others.

Quantize your Success

For people to seek your service or products, you ought to make sure they trust in the product. This principle still applies to writing a high-quality resume. The best approach of making your hiring manager believe your resume is by providing plenty of figures and statistics supporting what you say about yourself.

Regardless of whether you have managed to launched a new product, create the best marketing materials, or managed the best A-team marketing maestros, you need to prove that all this has been a success.

Adding hard-data will ensure you get a higher chance of landing the job of your dreams by proving to the recruiter that you have what it takes to meet his or her company needs.

Product Marketing Manager Resume Sample


• Marketing Director with eight years experience in makeup products and kitchen appliance

• Management: Trained and enlisted over 50 sales together with marketing professionals leading to overall sales improvement target by 27%

• Time-tested standing record in product management release which led to an increase in product awareness

• Achievement: directed the release of over 15 product lines, with yearly revenue of $2.2 billion


Marketing Manager

Albany/New York/2016-Present

• Developed new and promising promotional campaign through bundling the products together, doubling the sales by 20% leading to a projected annual sales increase of $600,000

• Negotiated over six new contracts, saving $200,000 in the marketing budget

• Referenced five times in different advertising campaign articles

• Directed the release of 15 new product lines, with a $2.2 billion annual revenue


Sony/ Albany/2011-2016

• Handled all corporate marketing duties with a $2.5Million, including branding, product release, advertising, brand management, and events

• Overseen new packaging design which utilized cheaper environmental friendly materials saving $150,000 while earning the Green Award from Sony International

• Grew different home appliance categories, leading to increased annual revenue of $2.2Million despite the different economic recession

• Set up different social media teams which included SEO experts and Content Developers leading to the growth of the firm’s website presence and a global brand awareness by 40%



Oxford University, St. Thomas, Minnesota 2011-2013


Fordham University, Bronx, NY 2007-2011

Written by Vitalii Butiluk

Editor and CTO at Jobitin

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