Thank You Letter for Support to Your Boss: Tips and Examples

Thank You Letter for Support to Your Boss

Thank You Letter To Boss For Support: Your current and previous boss will always have a special place and contribution to your growth today. Building a relationship with them is necessary when it comes to business. And one way of building a strong and good relationship with your boss is to write them Thank You Letters especially when they helped and supported you during your career. Whether it would be because of promoting you into a better position or leaving your job, still, thank you letters are important.

In this article, we have listed some tips and examples to help you build your Thank You Letters to your boss.

Write clearly and most especially, sincerely.

Saying thank you sincerely is one of the best ways to build a strong and good relationship, not just for your boss, but also for any other people. Try not to compose your letter with too much complicated words. The simpler and more clear it is, the more it is easy to understand and send your message. This is a big help in building a relationship with your boss. Always remember to write your letter as clear and as easy to understand as possible. Extend and create your thank yous in a simpler form which is direct to the point and without any fillers. Also, remember to put emphasis on your appreciation to let your boss know your reason and how exactly what you feel.


  1. “I am writing this letter to send my utmost gratitude. I appreciate your support and help towards my accomplishments and dreams.“

Use different formats depending on the occasion.

Sending a letter to your boss does not mean that you should only send through an e-mail. You can actually create and compose your thank you letter anywhere you want depending on the occasions.

When it comes to saying thank you to your boss for personal reasons such as for birthday gifts or for helping you through hard times, a handwritten letter is more recommended than an e-mail. This gives and shows your boss your personal intentions are not just for pure business only. While e-mails are more recommended for a more work-related reason or a formal letter such as for being promoted to a higher position or for leaving the office.

Be brief.

Thank you letters are more powerful and easy to understand when short and direct. Be brief and concise when building your thank you letter. Refrain from any unnecessary fillers and sentences. Tell them straight to the point the reason why you are writing your letter and how much you show your appreciation and gratitude. Explain how their support helped you become better. Afterward, try rereading your letter to make sure that the flow is well and your sentences are meaningful. Edit if necessary.


  1. “Please accept my sincerest gratitude for helping me grow through your company. Under your guidance, I have acquired a lot of skills and lessons that I can surely use in the future.”

Deliver your letter quickly and timely.

Thank you letters are more meaningful when delivered timely. Try sending your letters right after such events where you are truly grateful. When you are thankful for helping you get through your job even though you filed your leave of absences, send your thank you letter right when you get back to work. When you are thankful for your promotion, send it right after you are assigned to your new position. This gives more feelings and power to your message when sent to your receiver.

Be yourself.

When writing your letter, one of the most important things is to be yourself. Write as if you are sending a thank you letter to a friend. Send your appreciation and gratitude in a friendly tone. This gives additional sincerity and power to your letter.

In conclusion, thank you letters are really one of the best ways to show your gratitude to your boss. This gives them a feeling of appreciation and helping you build a strong relationship with them. Hopefully, the things stated above helped and gave you an idea when writing your thank you letters. Always remember that there is nothing more special than showing your gratitude and appreciation to someone.

Written by Vitalii Butiluk

Editor and CTO at Jobitin

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