Product Manager Cover Letter Example (Guide & Tips)

Product Manager Cover Letter

Why a Cover Letter is Important for Success

Cover letters are written by the applicant in order to convey personality traits and strong qualities. The cover letter is attached to your resume when you submit your application. Cover letters are the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself to your potential employers prior to the meeting. Applicants that include a cover letter are more likely to proceed to the interview phase. Cover letters enable you to target the position you want by describing how you are the best fit. Your resume is designed to market your skills- while your cover letter is meant to describe your positive qualities. A Product Manager cover letter should always include your unique skills and qualities that separate you from other applicants.

There are many different methods for composing a cover letter. There is no “set template.” However, cover letters should always be organized and concise. You want to convey yourself as an organized individual. It is important to take the time needed to draft, compose and proofread your letter. You want to make the best first impression possible, especially for competitive jobs.

Product Manager Cover Letter Goals

The goal of a Product Manager cover letter is to convey your essential skills. Product Managers generally work in the field of tech and manage the process of offering digital products (software/ websites) to market. You’ll want to include how your passion for the field has developed. Explaining your passion for product strategies and user experience will serve you well.

You’ll want to highlight your communication skills and ability to work in harmony with other team members. Experience with analytics is beneficial for this role as well. Showcasing your ability to lead different teams will enhance your qualities as a leader. These are some of the most important features employers are looking for in candidates.

Dear Mr. Richards,

It is my pleasure to apply for the role of Product Manager with Global Nine & Associates. I have accumulated over 5 years of experience in business application and development. As a recent graduate of NYU with a Master’s in Computer Science, I believe I am well-suited for this position. My goal is to enhance your company and provide outstanding services as a Product Manager.

I have worked directly under top executives in my previous role. I have acquired hands-on experience with product development. I believe my skill set will an asset to your team. I have proven to work well with others and collaborate on various projects throughout the past 5 years.

Some of my top career accomplishments include…

-Master’s in Computer Science from NYU

-Certified in Business Development

-Skilled and Trained on Product Development, Management and Requirements

-Successfully Coordinated National and International Product Management

-Built a Variety of APIs and Secure Portals

I would appreciate the opportunity to sit down with you and discuss my qualifications. I believe the skills I have acquired throughout my Master’s program, work experience and collaborations are valuable assets for Global Nine & Associates. Thank you for your time.


Maria Dole

Guided Tips for the Best Cover Letter

Creating a cover letter can be difficult if you don’t know what an employer is looking for. The main objective of a cover letter is to separate you from other candidates. You have an opportunity to shine through your cover letter. Your cover letter should always include a strong opening and closing statement. Preparing your cover letter in advance will ensure you have enough time to edit it. You should not rush the process of composing your cover letter as it could be the difference between getting hired or being overlooked.

  • Always Use Professional Tone of Voice

It is very important to compose your cover letter with a professional and courteous tone of voice. This is essential as it allows you to showcase your respect for company officials. Employers will appreciate this and take your application more seriously.

  • Highlight the Most Outstanding Moments of Your Career

A resume can only say so much about you. A cover letter allows you to showcase your personality and insight into your authentic self. Writing authentically from your point of view is beneficial. Generic cover letters are not helpful for getting hired.

  • Close Out with “Call to Action”

A light and guided “call to action” can be beneficial for defining your resume. However, it is important to remain professional and kind for the best results.

Written by Vitalii Butiluk

Editor and CTO at Jobitin

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