Transportation Operations Manager Job Description (Skills, Salary, Duties and Responsibilities)

Transportation Operations Manager

What Does a Transportation Operations Manager Do?

A Transportation Operations Manager is responsible for all types of transportation management for the company. They are in charge of processing orders, organizing the operation of equipment and delivery vehicles and overseeing various team tasks. Transportation Operations Managers need to coordinate shipments. They are also required to maintain contact and communication with leaders of the company. Their goal is to enhance the process of all transportation activities. They are required to oversee all transportation endeavors. The Transportation Operations Manager job description requires the candidate to be both qualified and professional for the position.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Lead Transportation Operations Process for Team
  • Oversee Activities for Warehousing, Customer Service and Procurement
  • Maintain Primary Point of Contact
  • Ensure Team Drives Accountably and Maintain Process Control
  • Organize Transportation Capacity
  • Build and Maintain Relationships with Internal/ External Contacts
  • Develop the Team with Coaching, Training and Mentoring
  • Provide Project Management Support

The responsibilities of a Transportation Operations Manager are vast, similar for managers of any field. This position requires poise, composure and professionalism. Transportation Operations Managers must be able to perform well under pressure, especially with deadlines and business agreements. Transportation Operations Managers must be able to effectively lead their team. Transportation Operations Managers are the primary point of contact for internal/ external partners. Therefore it is important for them to maintain a professional relationship on behalf of the company.

Good Skills to Have:

A Transportation Operations Manager must have additional skills that help them complete their day to day duties.

  • Self-Starting
  • Strong Understanding of Deployment, Transportation and Cash Process
  • Strong Written/ Verbal Communication Skills
  • Professional Under Pressure
  • Ability to Work in a Challenging Business Environment

The above skills are important for maintaining a productive work environment for all team members. As the leader of their team, a Transportation Operations Manager is responsible for many different elements. Their goal is to preform their duties as quickly and efficiently as possible. They represent the company in their day to day operations. Therefore the ability to work well in a busy environment is necessary for success.


Transportation Operations Managers in the UK earn approximately £75,600 annually. Transportation Operations Managers in the US earn approximately $92,500 annually.

Education, Experience and Certification:

  • Bachelor’s Degree (required)
  • 3-5 Years of Relevant Work Experience (required)
  • Clear Competence in Supply Chain and Logistics (required)
  • Logistics Degree (preferred)

Transportation Operations Managers must hold a Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in a related field. It is important for each candidate to have formal education when guiding other team members in the company. 3-5 years of relevant work experience is needed to ensure productivity. With 3-5 years of relevant work experience, candidates are well-prepared for some of the most common issues they will face. Previously working in a fast-paced, challenging work environment is a benefit for candidates. This ensures they can remain calm and professional under pressure.

Transportation Operations Managers must also understand the basics of supply chains and logistics. Candidates that are not proficient in these topics would not be well-suited for this role. Understanding how supply chains work is essential to productivity. Company logistics must also be thoroughly understood to succeed in this role. Specifically a logistics degree is preferred, however a Bachelor’s Degree in any field is adequate.

The Main Goal:

Transportation Operations Managers are required to oversee activities within the warehouse, customer service and procurement. They must maintain their role as primary point of contact. They are responsible for corresponding with internal/ external contacts regarding all transportation activities. They must manage and oversee their team in regards to transportation.

Transportation Operations Managers provide support for their team members in the form of coaching, training and mentoring. They provide project management support for their team as well. They ensure team members are following safety procedures during transportation. They are required to organize transportation capacity.

A perfect candidate for this role will be self-starting, professional, able to work in a challenging work environment and lead a team. They will have adequate formal education and background experience in a related field. They are able to communicate effectively with executives and other important figures in the company. Transportation Operations Managers must show adequate understanding of transportation and deployment on behalf of the company and other team members.

Written by Vitalii Butiluk

Editor and CTO at Jobitin

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