Ux Designer Cover Letter Example (Guide & Tips)

UX Designer Cover Letter

Why Cover Letters are Important for UX Designers

Cover letters have become a staple for good business etiquette. Preparing a well-thought-out cover letter is absolutely essential to creating the best first impression possible. UX Designers, also known as User Experience Designers, greatly benefit from cover letters. They allow them an opportunity to describe their strong suits. For example, UX Designers have strategic problem-solving qualities. They are able to solve user-related issues and improve overall user experience. Cover letters are great for describing interactive work. UX Designers complete hands-on work on a daily basis with communication skills, creative thinking, attention to minute details and collaboration with others. A UX Designer cover letter will include your career highlights and personal strengths which separate you from other candidates.

UX Designers should always include this feature with their application. When time and effort is dedicated to your cover letter, your entire application is transformed. You present yourself in a respectful and professional manner when taking time to write an authentic cover letter. You do not want to create a generic cover letter that lacks detail.

Creating and Preparing the Perfect Cover Letter

Initially, writing a cover letter may seem challenging. If you understand what to include, the process is simple and straightforward. A cover letter will differ for everyone as each applicant’s experience, education and career path is unique. This is why describing your authentic characteristics and personal career experience is key for developing a voice in your application.

Always ensure to draft your cover letter, edit and proofread for grammatical errors. You want to present a professional first impression to your potential employer.

Dear Mr. Kemp,

I am writing this letter to identify my official submission for the available UX Designer position at Port Tech Solutions. With over 8 years of experience in the tech industry, I believe I am both well-suited and prepared for the position.

For the past 8 years I have worked as a UX Designer and Developer in the tech space. I have had the opportunity to work with large tech corporations in Los Angles and San Francisco. I have directed front-end projects from the initial stages all the way up until final product. I effectively manage web communication projects. My main goal as a UX Designer is to create successful launches of software and programs.

Some of my most prominent career accomplishments include…

-Application of Redesign, Specifications, Illustrator, and Interactive Prototypes

-Efficiently collaborated with High-Profile Developers to Create New Additions

-Trained Designers to Effectively Utilize Photoshop and Axure

-Demonstrated Outstanding Leadership Qualities

-Developed Web 2.0 for Modern Web Platform

-Graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science

With a combination of both dedication and hard work, I have been able to accumulate a set of unique skills. I believe my skills are of value and can assist Port Tech Solutions in revamping their user experience. I look forward to sitting down with you and discussing my skills and future endeavors. Thank you for your time.


James Hughes

Essential Tips for Keeping Interest in Cover Letter

When composing your cover letter it is very important to keep the reader’s attention. You do not want to come across as uninspired or lacking enthusiasm. Your goal should be to communicate in an enthusiastic yet professional tone. Your cover letter is used to explain certain elements on your resume in a creative and personal way. Communication skills are essential for your cover letter. Maintaining an authentic tone will serve you well.

  • Create an Attention-Grabbing Opening

By grabbing the reader’s attention with a bright and energetic opening, you will showcase your enthusiasm as an employee. Remember- your potential employer has not met you yet, therefore your cover letter is the only method of evaluation. Your personality should shine through your cover letter. Opening statements should include why you believe you are the right fit.

  • Focus on the Objective

Keep the body of your cover letter focused on the objective- which is to match yourself to the position. Explain how you are the perfect fit, using your past experiences, education and training as evidence of this. Explain how you can benefit the company, using reasoning based on your track record.

  • Close with a Powerful Statement

Finishing your cover letter with a powerful statement will ensure your application is remembered and in many cases- selected for the position. Cover letters truly show your potential employer manners and professional skills on your behalf.

Written by Vitalii Butiluk

Editor and CTO at Jobitin

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